TRI-Z High Performance Blade Leveler

General Information

  • 3 zones to better work material for an optimal dirt floor finish.
  • “current size options;” 8’ 10’ 12’ 14‘ 16’ 18’
  • “3 point hitch will accept” CAT II,CAT III,CAT II Quick Hitch, CAT Narrow Quick Hitch

Detailed Specs

-Powder Coat Finish

-Integrated Lifting Rings

-Integrated Tire Drag Hooks

-Stripe Color Choice

-Quiet Roller Mud Scraper

-Large 11” Roller

Highlighted Features

Multi Zones

3 Zones to better work material


Quiet Roller

Quiet Roller Mud Scraper

Powder Coat Finish

Durable finish that will last for many seasons